Jun 012014

I just saw a report on CTV about Ubisoft’s new game, Watch Dogs.

It appears to be a fascinating game. And it’s available on the PC.

Yet, I won’t be playing it anytime soon. The reason? Stupid DRM.

People who opted to purchase the game, including people who preordered it, were unable to play because DRM servers crashed and were unavailable. The illogic of screwing paying customers while doing very little to hinder the actual pirates (who, after cracking the game, will have a hassle-free playing experience unencumbered by stupid DRM schemes) baffles me.

I refuse to use pirated copies but I also refuse to pay good money for something that is designed to treat me as a potential thief. Thief I am not, but neither am I an idiot.

Maybe a few years down the line, Watch Dogs will be made available DRM-free on GOG. Until then, there are more useful things to do than wasting my time with a stupid game anyway!

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