Jul 112014

My stepfather is an avid angler. He spends his summers in their cottage just south of Budapest, on the bank of a branch of the Danube river. He loves to fish.

Late May, he caught what was one of the biggest fish in his life: a 21.8 kg grass carp.

To be sure, this is not the biggest fish ever caught, even at this particular location. The biggest grass carp that was caught there in recent memory weighed 35 kg; and the biggest anything was a 70 kg wels catfish.

Nonetheless, a 21.8 kg (48 lbs) fish is a respectable catch, which earned my stepfather a place in the local angler society’s record books.

Upload date: 2014.06.03
Species: Grass carp
Name: Tibor Kovrig
Organization: Ráckevei HE
Mass of fish: 21,800 g
Length of fish: 96 cm
Fish circumference: 76 cm
Caught on: 2014.05.27 10:50
Catch location: RSD main branch (13 rkm)
Bait, feed: Sweet corn, puffed corn
Technique, equipment: Shimano 4000 reel, 0.20 Gold Star braided line, #2 hook
Other circumstances: Sunny day, no wind, appr. 30 minutes tackling time

For what it’s worth, the fish was eventually released back into the river; in return, my stepfather was rewarded with a free license for next year.

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