Sep 122012

Seen on a Hungarian auction site, here is a used but functioning Whirlpool microwave oven, for the modest price of HUF 8,500 (about 40 bucks):

The picture looked a little weird, but I wasn’t paying it much attention until I read the first few buyers’ questions and the answers:

  • Dear Gaborka460! Do you happen to have a full-size mirror? Greetings, – Marci502
  • Dear Marci502! I don’t understand exactly, what do a full-size mirror and a microwave have in common? – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! :D:D Full-size mirror – the front of the microwave served as a mirror! :) – Police198
  • Dear Police198! I am really sorry, you are right, the reflection was a mistake by the person who took the picture. – Gaborka460

Person? Wait a cotton-picking minute, let’s look at it a bit more closely:

Yikes. That’s not some freakish, malformed turkey. It is a human alright. Once seen, it cannot be unseen.

And the comments continued relentlessly. Here are some of the best questions and answers:

  • Dear Gaborka460! Your microwave is now famous! :) – Police198
  • Dear Police198! Weeell, I really didn’t mean it. – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! Is the person squatting inside just an illustration or does he come with the microwave? Thanks in advance for your answer. Greetings, – Setfly
  • Dear Setfly! The squattttting person is just an unfortunate, accidental image confusion. – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! Can we have this with a front panel depicting a female??? If so, does that change the price? – cukormeister
  • Dear cukormeister! Unfortunately not! Is this really important? – And then the darkness. – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! Would you please provide exact measurements as it is difficult to decide just by the picture alone if the male figure is hiding inside the microwave or just a reflection? And does the male thong come with the winning bid? Thanks: – retrobudai
  • Dear retrobudai! Is this really important? – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! A gym pass in exchange for the microwave. – gyuribacsi87
  • Dear Gaborka460! How much for the briefs+slippers, I offer a razor in exchange! – gyuribacsi87
  • Dear gyuribacsi87! I really don’t want to be vulgar! – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! Forgive me, but do I see this right, is it really a broiled chicken in clogs sitting in the microwave? – NVShop
  • Dear NVShop! The picture is really bad, the question, dumb! – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! No, of course it’s not a bad picture, quite the contrary. It made many people smile today. It’s my heartfelt wish that this famous microwave soon be sold. – BudaiBrigi
  • Dear Gaborka460! 50,000 is my last offer. – seftelo1
  • Dear seftelo1! I don’t really understand?! My asking price is 8,500 for the microwave. – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! Sorry, you’re right. My mistake. Forgive my miserliness. I’ll give you 100,000 if we can hire you as a product photographer. – seftelo1
  • Dear Gaborka460! Nearly 150,000 views, that’s something:-) – Sikiferrari
  • Dear Sikiferrari! Weeeell; This is how to advertise! And it’s not even my expertise, and I didn’t mean to. – Gaborka460
  • Dear Gaborka460! Now that the microwave has sold, I’d like to know what you ask for the garden gnome in the swimming trunks that was inside? – RGgabor
  • Dear RGgabor! Asshole – Gaborka460

Even with this last comment, one has to admire the remarkable restraint of the seller, Gaborka460, and the overall civility of the discussion. Some of it may be due to’s commenting system or their moderators, of course. Still… it gave me a good laugh today. And the broiled chicken in clogs is well on its way towards becoming the newest Hungarian Internet meme.

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