Aug 222012

Warning: the language of this post is offensive. I find ordinary words insufficient to express how I feel about Iran’s latest, a broad ban on female attendance at Iran’s universities.

When my wife asked the obvious question, “why?” I could only offer a very crude answer: because the ayatollahs had trouble jerking off last night and needed to find another way to get a hard-on. There really is no sensible way to describe this medieval theocracy that has been Iran’s curse for the past several decades.

There is a silver lining though: by depriving themselves of a capable, educated work force (quite capable, in fact, as women routinely outperformed men), perhaps they are hastening their moronic regime’s imminent demise. Cannot happen too soon, if you ask me.

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  One Response to “Are all Iran’s ayatollahs jerks?”

  1. It’s a pretty common response of extremists everywhere — when the going gets rough, they double down. As you say, it tends to contribute to their downfall. Unfortunately, it makes life messy for a lot of bystanders along the way … :-(