Aug 012012

From time to time, I receive e-mails from complete strangers, often written in a foreign language, advising me not to open some scam e-mail that was sent in the sender’s name. The only problem is, I don’t know the sender, I don’t even know the language, and I certainly never received any scam e-mails from them in the first place. So why are they e-mailing me now?

I think I can guess. I suspect the sender is one of those people who puts everyone’s e-mail address in their contact list. Perhaps there was indeed a scam e-mail sent in the sender’s name and the sender became concerned that the scam may have been sent to all his contact addresses. So he decided to send this warning to everyone in his contact list, including people who never heard of him.

It still does not explain why the Spanish-language message I received today was sent in triplicate. But three copies was sufficient to earn this sender an entry in my spam blacklist. Sorry about that but my patience has run out.

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