Jul 302012

There is a little bit of a firestorm brewing on Twitter. A journalist, Guy Adams, wrote a critical comment on NBC and made the mistake of including the corporate e-mail of an NBC mandarin. NBC decided to be heavy handed about it and asked Twitter to suspend @GuyAdams. The result is predictable: a flood of messages with the hashtags #nbcfail and #twitterfail.

Now Twitter tends to have this handy little widget about Trends. And the two things I did not see in Trends was, you guessed it: #nbcfail and #twitterfail. One almost has to wonder if the Trends widget contains not what Twitter’s users find interesting but what Twitter’s corporate (or political?) masters allow…

But just before I began my journey down the rabbit hole into the surrealist realm of conspiracy theories, I thankfully refreshed the Twitter page. Guess what? Now #nbcfail is the fifth item in Trends. Phew!

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