Jul 152012

I just discovered a new Canadian television series: Continuum, on the Showcase channel.

The premise: a group of terrorists (or freedom fighters, depending on one’s point of view) in a corporatist, dystopian future escape execution by traveling 65 years back in time, to 2012. Along with them, a female police officer also ends up in present-day Vancouver.

Back in the old days, discovering something like this mid-season would have been a disappointing experience: not knowing the back story, I might have lost interest. But these are not the old days anymore; all the episodes of Continuum that aired to date can be viewed on Showcase’s Web site.

And they are worth watching. It’s a remarkably good series, and so far, after seven episodes, the quality has not slipped yet. Likable characters, believable effects, and a thought-provoking story. Only three episodes remain from its first season… I hope it gets the green light for a second. Series like this tend to die prematurely even in bigger markets. But then, some of them survive, even in Canada.

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