Nov 292011

This kind of weather is not uncommon in Ottawa, but I still think it’s weird when the forecast low for tonight (10°C) is 12 degrees higher than the forecast “high” Wednesday mid-afternoon (−2°C).

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  5 Responses to “Weird weather”

  1. Well, we wouldn’t want you to get bored or anything … :-)

  2. Hmmm … is your clock set to GMT?

  3. It’s not the clock, it’s the timezone. The server hardware clock is running on GMT of course, and I never bothered setting the timezone for WordPress. I now did… and it didn’t seem to do a thing!

  4. Well, from the time hack on your comment, it worked.

  5. Yeah, but I would have expected it to change how dates are displayed, not how they are recorded. (In Joomla!, it works that way; if I change the time zone, all appear to be changed.)