Mar 112023

You find yourself standing in a vast, open field, with rolling hills stretching out before you as far as the eye can see. The sky above is a deep shade of blue, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of grass and wildflowers.

As you walk through the field, you notice something strange in the distance. A flock of sheep is grazing peacefully on the hills, but they’re not like any sheep you’ve ever seen before. Their wool is made of shimmering, electric threads that pulse and glow with vibrant colors. Each sheep seems to emit a soft humming sound, as if they’re alive with energy.

Illustration by MidJourney

Curious, you approach the flock and reach out to touch one of the electric sheep. As your hand makes contact, you feel a jolt of electricity surge through your body, but it’s not painful – it’s exhilarating, almost like a rush of adrenaline. You realize that these sheep are not just ordinary animals, but some kind of living batteries, charged with an otherworldly energy.

As you continue to explore the field, you notice that the sheep seem to be communicating with each other in a strange, pulsing language that you can almost understand. You feel a sense of awe and wonder at the sight of these magnificent creatures, and you know that they hold some kind of incredible power that you can’t quite grasp.

Suddenly, the sky begins to light up with a brilliant display of fireworks, and you realize that the electric sheep are the source of the spectacular show. They’re emitting bursts of energy that dance across the sky in a breathtaking display of light and color.

As you watch in wonder, you realize that the electric sheep represent something truly special – a source of boundless energy and power that can light up the world in ways you never thought possible. And as you wake from your dream, you feel a renewed sense of hope and excitement for the future, knowing that anything is possible with the power of imagination and innovation.

— ChatGPT

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