Dec 122022

I mentioned recently on Quora that I still have a Windows 98 machine. Someone asked for a picture.

Not terribly exciting, I know. Just your standard tower case with some obsolete hardware. The “security device enclosed” sticker is a joke; it’s from a DVD package.

The only remarkable thing about this box is that its motherboard was one of the earliest motherboards to support RAID out of the box. So yes, it is a Windows 98 machine with two hard drives and a RAID mirror. How about that?

In case anyone is wondering, I use it (very rarely) mostly to connect to old hardware. These include an HP-IL interface card to connect old calculators; an old EPROM burner with a serial interface and Windows 95/98/ME software; and last but not least, an old Sharp Winprinter, which only works under Windows 98. I use this printer for heavy stock (e.g., business card stock) to avoid stressing or damaging my more expensive laser printers.

Oh, and once every other leap year I turn this machine on just to return to alien-infested LA in the role of the potty-mouthed hero Duke Nukem…

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  1. Beautiful! So many memories….!!!