Oct 242009

Recently, I bought a television series on DVD online. One of the DVDs appears unreadable. I noticed some scratches on it, but I also noticed that it happened to carry the HD DVD label. Is it possible that one of the disks in the boxed set was mistakenly an HD DVD? Unfortunately, I don’t have an HD DVD drive in which to test it.

Which reminded me that I’ve actually been meaning to buy an HD DVD drive before they vanish completely, just to be able to read HD DVDs in case I come across any. I looked and found one online that I liked. I tried to buy it… only to be informed repeatedly by Yahoo shopping that “there was a problem saving your information and basket”.

No matter, it can wait… I’ve also been meaning to do another thing this morning, namely to buy a new Microsoft Developer Network subscription. So I went to the MSDN Web site, clicked all the right buttons, logged in with my blasted Microsoft Live ID, and presto… I was told by Microsoft that they “are unable to validate your customer information and proceed with your order at this time”.

Looks like The Powers That Be just don’t want me to spend any money this morning. No matter, I have better things to do with it… and with my time, too.

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