May 192009

Our likely next Prime Minister, Michael Ignatieff, is an interesting character. Presently, the Conservatives run a TV ad suggesting that Ignatieff is not a proper Canadian, having spent a lot of time abroad, but they completely miss the point: as an academic intellectual, yes, Ignatieff spent a lot of time at Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford, but I’d think that only strengthens, not weakens, his resume.

His views are another issue. Some have grave reservations about Ignatieff because of his apparent support for the war in Iraq and for controversial detention policies. I admit I am one of these doubters. Which is why I decided to read several of Ignatieff’s articles on these topics.

The impression I came away with, however, is overall a positive one. I may strongly disagree with Ignatieff on some issues, but judging from his writing, he’s not only an intellectual but an honest one. If only he could maintain that quality when he becomes our Prime Minister… Well, we’ll know when we’ll know, won’t we?

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