Dec 012015

Aspiring US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders reportedly said that it is “profoundly wrong” that the top 1% has more wealth in our society than the bottom 95%.

Today, The Globe and Mail offered a perfect example why.

Look at this group photo:

Notice the people in this picture: The presidents of Indonesia, the United States, France and India, and the Prime Minister of Canada… and Bill Gates.

In other words, five elected leaders (together representing at least one quarter of all of humanity) and one very rich guy who is in this picture only because he has tons of money.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Bill Gates. I liked him even when it was popular to hate him among the cognoscenti. And Bill Gates is a shining example of the conscientious multibillionaire who spends stupendous sums of his own money to make the world a better place. But I still think it is “profoundly wrong” that he is in this picture. Nobody elected him. He is not representing anybody. He is here simply because he commands wealth that is comparable to the GDP of a not so small country.

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