Sep 082015

I used to be sympathetic to the woes of taxi drivers in face of the semi-legal competition represented by Uber, and ambivalent about Uber’s ambitions.

This is no longer the case.

If taxi drivers really think that it is kosher to protest (not even about Uber this time, but about an airport pickup fee) by blocking the road to Ottawa airport…

I guess, it’s your way, dear taxi drivers, of telling us, citizens of Ottawa, to get screwed. Well… screw you, too. The sooner Uber kills your obsolete business model with scarce overpriced licenses, old and smelly taxis, taxi drivers with limited English or French and limited knowledge of the city who nonetheless yak or text on the phone while driving, the better. Good riddance. You just lost all my sympathy, and I guess I am not alone. From now on, it’s Uber for me.

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  2 Responses to “Go Uber, bugger off, taxi drivers”

  1. But wouldn’t using the Uber app as a driver constitute distracted driving most of the time? Not that modern taxis are any better …

  2. Good question. But then, regular cabby drivers do the same thing; fiddle with their phones and also with their data terminals. So Uber may not be better in this regard, but I don’t think it is worse.