Dec 092013

Imagine a country in which small children are given coloring books figuring a leading politician.

Coloring books that describe the politician in “non-partisan and fact-driven” terms. A lengthy speech becomes a “magnificent feat”, during which the dear leader spoke with “clairvoyant precision”. The goals of political opponents are “worse than any war”.

This coloring book is “approved by teachers and educators”. It is “designed to be a fun, educational tool”. Parents are encouraged to “Tell the truth – Tell it often – Tell the children”.

If you thought I was describing a North Korean coloring book featuring the “Great Successor” King Jong-un or his daddy or granddaddy, think again.

That is because the abomination that I just described was in fact published in the great United States of America. Its title: “Ted Cruz to the Future™ – Comic Coloring Activity Book“, published by Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc.

And it is available at Amazon for the bargain price of $5.69. Or it was, anyway; presently, it is shown as “Temporarily out of stock.”

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  2 Responses to “Coloring abomination”

  1. *shrug*

    As appalling as this is, something like it was pretty much inevitable after 5 years of blatant media shilling for Obama … :-(

  2. So let me get this straight… if those on the left are a-holes, it’s the left’s fault… and if those on the right are a-holes, then it’s also the left’s fault? And everything is the journalists’ (pardon me, the “mainstream media’s”) fault? :-)