Oct 152012

This is not some fringe moron but a Republican representative for Georgia’s 10th district. Member of the Tea Party caucus. And a physician to boot:

Groan. I guess I must be a servant of the Devil then (go, Lucifer!) as I, too, spread the “lie from the pit of hell” called the Big Bang theory. Or the lie called “evolution”. Or the lie called “embryology” (that’s a new one for me; would you know what’s wrong with embryology from a Tea Party perspective?) What next, write down the Friedmann equations, be burned at the stake?

Now this is why, even if everything you told me about Obama and his Chicago lot was the gospel truth, I’d still prefer them over Republicans these days. I’d rather take 21st century corruption than go back to the Middle Ages.

Part of me wonders (hopes, even) that this is just a cynical attempt to attract votes and he is not actually this stone dumb stupid. But I don’t know what it says about the Republican party these days if these are the kinds of votes its representatives go after.

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