Jan 122009

I asked a New York friend today, what will they do on Times Square on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2010?

In the 2000’s, every other person on attending the New Year’s Eve celebrations at Times Square was wearing a pair of 2oox party eyeglasses, with the two zeroes in the middle forming the pair. The same thing worked in the 1990’s (the upper halves of the two 9’s serving the same purpose) and even in the 1980’s (again, the upper halves of the 9 and the 8 doing the same thing.) I have no idea about the 1970’s… that was before my time, I came to North America in 1987.

It’ll still work at the end of this year, because 2010 has two zeroes. But… what will happen at the end of 2010? How will they use the number 2011 to create a pair of New Year’s eyeglasses? That’s what I asked my friend.

He asked me in return why I am worried about such things. “I am worried about the future,” I told him, “aren’t you?” “No,” he replied, “not that badly…”

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