Jan 072009

Here’s an article worthy of a bookmark:


It offers a way to produce a chart in Microsoft Excel much like this one:

Filled XY area chart

Filled XY area chart

This chart is from something I’m working on, an attempt to test gravitational theories against galaxy survey data.

The link above also comes with a warning: the discussed technique doesn’t work with Excel 2007, due to a (presumably unintentional) change in Excel’s handling of certain complex charts. A pity, but it is also a good example why I am trying to maintain my immunity against chronic upgrade-itis. Two decades ago upgrades were important because they fixed severe bugs and offered serious usability improvements. But today? Why on Earth would I want to upgrade to Office 2007 when Office 2003 does everything I need and more, just so that I can re-learn its user interface? Or make Microsoft richer?

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