Apr 032010

I’m back from a week-long trip to Hungary, visiting my Mom, relatives, and friends. Apart from the fact that the second half of my trip was made unnecessarily unpleasant by some cold bug I picked up on the flight from here to there, it was fun. But, it’s good to be home, even though, it seems, I came home in the middle of a heat wave. Yesterday, the heat almost killed me when I was looking for my car at Montreal airport (cars have the nasty habit of moving about when you leave them in large, public lots) while hauling my 60-pound suitcase. Today, it’s going to be even warmer. (No, we’re told, it’s not global warming… it’s the same El Niño weather that brought an unusually cold spring to parts of Europe.) I better check to see if our A/C still works after its winter hibernation.

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