Jul 042023

It appears that common sense prevailed over politically correct virtue signaling at The Weather Network (or maybe Environment Canada). Pregnant members of the species homo sapiens are again designated by the appropriate word from the vocabulary of the English language: they’re women.

Or is it that heat affects only pregnant women, whereas smoke affects pregnant non-women, too? I wonder.

In any case, I am firmly of the opinion that if we truly strive to build a society in which folks can enjoy life and live to their full potential without fear of discrimination or worse, theatrical excesses like the expression “pregnant people” are not helping. Quite the opposite, while they appease a vocal, exhibitionist minority of activists, they are far more likely to bring tangible harm to others through the backlash they induce. I shall refrain from speculating how much of it is intentional (this is a big world out there, I’m sure some activists are cynically self-serving, intentionally contributing to a problem that they pretend to try to solve, in order to secure their own future, but others are just as likely to be genuine believers in a cause that’s important to them) but I have no doubt that it is harmful.

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