Apr 012023

Oh my. Now that we are done with cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain, AI is rapidly becoming the new fad. Apparently, all you have to do is call yourself a “prompt engineer” or “AI whisperer” to earn an exceptional salary.

Well, let this serve as advertising, notice to any prospective clients that my services are available as a consultant, either fixed-price or retainer based, should you wish to engage me. And, I daresay, with my in-depth knowledge and experience, which includes not just chatting with GPT but accessing it programmatically, as well as some hands-on exercises building simple toy models of deep learning architectures in low-level languages like C++, I am probably much more capable of delivering the goods than most of my “competition”.

Somehow, Bloomberg’s enthusiasm notwithstanding, I don’t expect any takers but just in case, my recent engagements with ChatGPT, as recounted in this very blog, should serve as my relevant portfolio. Not just words, AI-generated images, too.

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