Oct 082009

There are uncanny coincidences in life, so much so that I sometimes wonder, are we all just one giant computer simulation using a less-than-perfect random number generator?

Take this, for instance… yesterday, I copied to a hard drive our collection of Monty Python DVDs. I also looked at one episode, and in it there was a sketch that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, a sketch about flying sheep. Flying sheep??? But later yesterday, here’s what was on CBC Newsworld, also repeated this morning:

Flying sheep

Flying sheep

Yes, flying sheep. Hanging sheep to be precise, as they are being carried across the rocky terrain on the Faeroe Islands.

Or how about this: a few days ago, my wife returned from Hungary with my mother’s old laptop (actually, my old laptop, but it’s been in my mother’s possession for many years) and much to our sadness, we found that its screen got broken during the trip. I know laptop screens break regularly, but it’s not something I run across often, indeed I think this was only the second time that I have seen a broken laptop screen up close. But today, I went to the barber… who, while waiting for customers, happened to be busy transferring files to a USB stick off a laptop with, you guessed it, a broken screen.

So is this just pure randomness? Or is the world suffering because God uses a broken random number generator?

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