Sep 292009

In a single morning, I became over 30 million US dollars richer. At least that’s what my e-mails say:

  • I’ve been offered a 40% commission just for providing my bank account details that would allow an official to transfer $20 million out of South Africa.
  • I have supposedly received a $650,500 humanitarian grant from the United Nations, by random draw.
  • A diplomat presently at Heathrow Airport contacted me concerning my $7.5 million inheritance.
  • I also have a $15.5 million inheritance waiting for me in Nigeria.
  • Still in Nigeria, it seems that they failed to pay me another $2.5 million, due under some contract.

The total comes to $34,150,500, and all I need to do is answer these e-mails with the requested details.

Needless to say, I won’t.

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