Jan 212021

I really don’t like power outages.

Today we had one.

Needless to say, Murphy’s law was also fully at work. I decided to shut everything down when it appeared that power was not going to come back soon (a fairly large area of Ottawa was affected), and of course, power came back two minutes later. But one of my UPSs didn’t come back online and needed a hard reset (unplug, remove the battery pack) while my desktop computer didn’t like it that suddenly a whole bunch of external hard drives, normally powered down, came to life as it was coming back from hibernation, and so it promptly crashed.

Oh, did I say that I don’t like power outages? I really don’t. Fortunately, as I recall, this was our first unscheduled power outage since the great Northeast blackout of 2003. So they do not happen often.

Still hate them, though.

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