Jun 082012

Although my comment is about the Web site of Hungary’s new President, this post has nothing to do with party politics in Hungary. It is about political correctness run amok.

On the President’s new Web site, there is a helpful link for an accessible version of the site, which is of course commendable. What seems somewhat pointless, though, is the presence of a Braille version of the linking text… appearing on a computer screen.


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  2 Responses to “Click here for the Braille version”

  1. Hmmm … while it is entirely possible that you are analyzing this situation correctly, I know there are peripheral devices for computers which can render on-screen text in Braille. Perhaps the software for the Hungarian version needs the actual Braille characters, for some reason?

  2. This wasn’t on-screen text. Just a PNG image. I don’t think there are any devices out there designed to OCR pictorial images of Braille text and then send the result to a Braille peripheral (though technically, I am sure such a device could be constructed.)