Apr 172023

Here’s something that I’ve been putting off (literally) for years: Upgrading PHP.

Until today, that is.

My server used to run a seriously outdated version of PHP, 5.6. OK, it was still supported (kind of) under CentOS 7 but the writing was on the wall. In particular, the content management systems I use (WordPress, Joomla) were also grumbling.

Why didn’t I upgrade until now? Because I have Web content dating all the way back to the 1990s. Though the issues were trivial, such as using mysql_ instead of mysqli_ for database access, or using ASP-style tags, <%...%> instead of <?php...?> for PHP code, trivial issues still need fixing, and the fixes still need testing.

I finally bit the bullet. I was like this busy robot, assisted with kittycats, but it appears that I managed to pull it off: having done reasonably rigorous testing on backup/secondary servers, I was able to upgrade my main server without much drama so far.

Of course I still worry about the bugs and issues that I have not yet seen, but I am optimistic.

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