Nov 182011

The latest OPERA results are in and they are very interesting. They used extremely tight bunches of protons this time, with a pulse width of only a few nanoseconds:

These bunches allowed the team to correlate individual neutrino events with the bunches that originated them. This is what they saw:

Numerically, the result is 62.1 ± 3.7 ns, consistent with their previously claimed result.

In my view, there are four possible categories of things that could have gone wrong with the OPERA experiment:

  1. Incorrectly synchronized clocks;
  2. Incorrectly measured distance;
  3. Unaccounted-for delays in the apparatus;
  4. Statistical uncertainties.

Because this new result does not rely on the statistical averaging of a large number of events, item 4 is basically out. One down, three to go.

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