Jul 302011

Every summer, on every Canadian TV channel, during just about every commercial break, a commercial for Marineland in Niagara Falls is shown… with a song that just drives me bonkers. I’d sooner listen to a hundred pieces of chalk scratching a hundred chalkboards. Will they ever stop?

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  1. You could always just not watch tv … :-)

  2. Well, I don’t really watch TV. I do have TV running in a window on my desktop, usually CNN as “background television” while I work. But if it’s not CNN but, say, local news on a Canadian channel, I need to scramble to find the Mute function every time this Marineland thing comes on… which is just about every commercial break.

  3. Why……You knew I would watch that. Now that song is stuck in my head.

  4. […] grumbled once in this blog already about the incessant Marineland commercials on most Canadian channels this time […]