Jun 272010

So on the one hand, we have leaders who seem unable to make sensible decisions about governing the world without being able to smell each other.

On the other hand, we have professional protesters who protest all the time, even when they don’t even know what it is their protesting against.

Then, on the third hand, we have thugs and hooligans who think that using a political event like a G20 meeting is a good excuse to smash shop windows and burn police cars:

As a result, we have reporters who need a personal bodyguard while reporting from the streets of downtown Toronto (what is it, Beirut? Kabul?):

And we have intimidating walls of policemen, trying to maintain some semblance of order:

All in all, must have been a lovely day in Toronto. All of which was about to prompt me to make a wise remark about living in the brave new 21st century, but hey! We’re a full decade into the new century and so far, we had no world wars, no nuclear explosions, not even too much by way of genocide (let’s not forget Sudan, though). So perhaps there’s hope for us yet…

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